Welcome to SoulTribe Camp.

We are a movement and collaborative of conscious adults from around the world, ready to make change, connect more in person and community, build, create, and support one another.

We host conscious adult mastermind retreat camps in magical locations like Bali, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Australia and are constantly seeking new high vibe locations. We find locations in Blue Zones, where people are proven to live life longer. We find luxury treehouses, villas, magical Ley line sites and sacred spaces around the globe to set the tone for the most magical 6 days of your life.

Camping doesn’t mean tent.

Being a “camper” at SoulTribe Mastermind Camp is about reuniting with your inner child - listening to and sharing your inspiring stories and even finding your story and truth. Engage in guided mindset and mindfulness practices. Learn tools for conscious change and successful business. We bring in unique and thought provoking speaker, facilitators and gather in exciting life changing workshops. Eat clean and connect back with your mind body and soul. Most importantly, camp is about connection and fun. We set the tone for magic from day one and create an experiential learning retreat like no other.

Warning: many campers are known to become dedicated return campers!



As each SoulTibe Camp Mastermind Retreat is purpose built for the retreat theme content, not every speaker listed attends every retreat.

Check your specific retreat details or ask us about your specific team.

Rochelle Barclay.png

Rochelle Barclay - Founder Space FOundation.

Mother dancer yogini pilates-lover-surfer-friend-entrepreneur and part-time philosopher, ‘Shelly’ believes that by moving the body we harness the potency of the breath and maximize our potential for growth and contentment. Having spent hours on the mat practicing and training; Shelly has a 200 hour Vinyasa (level 1); 300 hour Vinyasa (Level 2); Thai Massage and a Pilates Mat and Pilates Barre from Essence of

Living on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She has taught across a range of students and styles at Studios in Australia- and across the globe -everything from beginner to advanced to corporate to community classes to privates to gym to festivals (Including Burning Man in the USA). She is part way through a 300 hour level 2 from Alanna Kaivalya in NYC USA, with a focus on philosophy and functional movement and has been a student of the Ocean and Business Management whilst living in Byron Bay- the home of Yoga in Australia.

Yoga is a not only a process for Shelly to “do the work”, it is a way to be of service to her community. She has a strong calling to “be the change we need to see” through karma yoga- being of service to her child; her students at her flagship Studio "Space Foundation" in Central Byron Bay. Shelly leads a team of 7 passionate teachers across 36 classes per week; offering everything from Barre to Yin- including Vinyasa; Restorative; Tai Chi & Pilates Mat.

When she isn't yoga-ing; you'll find her surfing; walking her dog; training at the gym; or perhaps sipping on a Cosmo on a Tuesday afternoon just because.


PRIYA LAKHI- FOUnder awaken Ananda

Priya Lakhi, of Awaken Ananda, is a gifted energy healer and spiritual teacher.  She has facilitated healing sessions for clients worldwide.  A former criminal defense attorney, Priya powerfully blends the practical and spiritual to help clients transform their lives from the inside out.

 As a metamorphic practitioner and yoga teacher, Priya has been extensively trained in India by a Reiki Grand Master with the lineage of the Hawaiian Huna and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  These trainings, along with deep self-transformational work,  allows Priya to offer authentic, undiluted lineage-based techniques and rituals as part of a healing session.  With her ability to be grounded and yet access universal intelligence, clients are able to release energetic patterns that no longer serve them.

Priya's transformational work is multi-dimensional, as she works on each layer: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  In a healing session, one can expect ancient and time-tested techniques founded in the art and science of energy healing, yoga and shamanism.  Priya incorporates Eastern philosophy, therapeutic techniques, sound healing, essential oils, mantras, crystals, breath work and guided meditations.  

jonathan george.png

Jonathan George

He is coined "The Human Hitmaker" because of his ability to see people's untapped potential, his methods to pull that potential to the surface, and his ability to cultivate it into greatness.

Jonathan has spent the past 20 years as CEO of JG Entertainment. He has been coaching, branding and launching RockStars in the entertainment world for over 20 years as well as creating RockStar brands for top influencers and entrepreneurs.

Now, he is transforming leaders and entrepreneurs from ordinary into authority, influence, and success. He is an entrepreneur as well as an NLP Master Practitioner and believes the the mind, body, soul and finances are all interconnected. Without one, it is easy to fall out of balance. All of them work together and must be rooted with passion, vision, values, purpose, love, and gratitude.

 His deep passion to help people step into their greatness comes from his own dark struggles of self-discovery and confidence. Read more of his story so that you can understand WHY he has a burning desire to help others live a life of complete freedom. 

rodelio bio pic.png


"To be a Chef is a privilege, it is the only art form that uses all five senses, that's how special it is..." 

Born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii, Rodelio Aglibot had his first inkling that his professional calling in life would be cooking at a very early age, crediting his parents as his early culinary mentors. After watching his father cook at home as a child, Aglibot tried his own hand at the technique in a tree house with a hibachi grill and a can of Spam. Luckily, he didn’t burn his backyard to the ground, but it did set him off on a culinary path that he is following today — combining a lively and experimental energy with unique ingredients and a touch of surprise.

Known the world over by media outlets as “The Food Buddha,” because of his dedication to his heritage and his approach to menu development, Aglibot has been featured on many national television programs, from the CBS Morning Show to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Aiesha Cosmos- TEDX talks speaker.

With over 20 years experience reading and interpreting the Mayan Calendar, Aiesha is one of the top Mayan Astrologers and has been featured on TEDx Tulum

Aiesha uses the ancient wisdom of archetypical storytelling, to wisely weave the interpretation of your life, according to the Mayan Calendar. Her sessions are masterfully articulated to guide you in claiming the power of your truth as well as unlocking the gifts and understanding contained within the rhythms and synchronicities of the Mayan Calendar to understand both your personal and professional life. 

If not in attendance at the retreat, Aiesha will perform our readings remotely from Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

irina circle.png

Irina Zadek- FOunder Be the Light photography.

Irina Zadek is a professional photographer and Kundalini yoga instructor and the owner of BeTheLight.

Irina grew up in Argentina, but spent 8 years in Berlin where she was trained as a professional acrobat and successively, created the well known Lavados duo!

After achieving international acclaim in theaters around Europe,  Irina began to look deeper at her practice of movement and develop her spirituality and connectedness to breath and life force. 

It was in this search that her journey truly began and where she studied Kundalini yoga and breath work intensely, under  master teachers in Madrid. 

Camera on her hip (and smile on her face always) Irina  is well known as one of the best photographers in the Balearic Islands, where she now resides.

Watch out tribe … we are capturing your photo at every chance, in all of our beautiful locations and masterminds!!

Ashok Thakur.png

Ashok Thakur - author “infinite love finite life”

Listening to grandma stories of wisdom and reading ancient Indian scriptures while growing up in a small town called City of Saints, in the valley of Himalayas, seeded his subconscious with knowledge derived from thousands of years research by ancient sages that came handy when passing through tough times during his life journey including Near Death Experiences.

He had the privilege of growing up in India with Saint, Sages, Gurus and mystics. At an early age of nine, he got special awards for proficiency in scriptures. He began to challenge all the norms and rules that keep us away from joy and love. During his search for answers he met many beautiful and amazing souls that became his teachers and friends.

He published his first book “Infinite Love Finite Life” in 2016. The book is about the availability of Infinite Love to all of us if we follow certain mindset. His mission is to spread the joy and love he has now to everyone that crosses his path. He does workshops, talks Love 24x7 talking about how to be in love, bliss and be joyful.