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What is included in the retreat?

You are responsible for your flights.  Your accommodations are included in the price.  Each retreat is different depending on your accommodation selection, however most include both breakfast and lunch. Dinner is not covered, but typically a combination of magical outdoor meals at recommended restaurants, so that you always have the option to dine with the group or take time for yourself.  We typically host a final night dinner for all. Cultural excursions and experiences are also included, depending on the retreat. 

How will I get from the airport to the villa/hotel?

VILLA guests will have a private driver pick them up from Denpasar airport. Watch for signs saying SoulTribe Camp. IF arriving a day or more ahead please note you will need to arrange your own taxi.

HOTEL guests should taxi from Denpasar airport to the 5 Star DeHaven Suites Berawa. Distance is about 30 min without traffic and costs approx $15-20.usd (depending on current conversion rates).

In Bali there are no shortage of taxi drivers ! We suggest using the ones you can arrange at the round INFO BOOTH, just outside of the gates.

MAIN MANSION guests will have a private shuttle pick them up from Fiumicino FCO airport on Day 1. Watch for signs saying SoulTribe Camp.  

CHATEAU guests should rent a car or taxi to the Chateaus which are approximately 25- 30 minutes drive to the Chateaus.

The VILLA is approximately 3.5 hours from the airport.

Guests should arrange for a private ride or shuttle to the hotel which costs approximately, $120. If you are traveling alone ( as many of our guests do) simply let us know the date and time you are arriving and we will do our best to connect you with another attendee to share the cost.

When should I arrive for my retreat?

Day ONE starts at noon with each retreat.

With many overseas retreats there is a time-zone change, as well as jet lag! We therefore encourage participants to show up AT LEAST a night AHEAD.

We have partnership hotels with substantial discounts and are happy to refer you to them for any days on the back or front end of your retreat, just ask us!

What would be the best way to set up my trip?

It has been our experience that at EVERY mastermind, people leave with friends for life!

If you have the time, PLAN TO STAY A FEW DAYS EXTRA at the end and travel around with your new friends, or allow yourself alone time to process and implement all that you have learned. You will be surprised at all the MAGIC the universe has in store for you , so keep being inspired in spontaneous adventures and opportunities that will arise with your tribe….if you can, give yourself the gift of TIME in our beautiful locations around the world.

What else should I bring?

Breakfast and lunch are included with most.  We also suggest bringing snacks like granola bars, nuts, etc if you like to snack throughout the day day, especially during mastermind days when you will want to keep your energy up.

Sunscreen, hat, money in the local currency, although Bali and Costa Rica you can almost always pay in USD.

We will be retreating in different cultures, traditions and will bring our respect for each one and honor their lifestyles in community. So bring your open heart and warm spirit.

Where do I fly into?

CANGGU, BALI- Denpasar Airport. (DPS)

ROME/TUSCANY- Fiumicino Airport.  (FCO)

NOSARA, COSTA RICA- Liberia Airport. (LIR)

Did I spy, with my magic eye, something about costumes?

YES! We have some incredible theme nights planned for you. Stay tuned! ..We will be sharing with you closer to the event in your welcome package. This is sent to you approximately a month prior to your retreat as we tailor EACH retreat to the group showing up!

What do I need to do to prepare ahead?

Make sure to obtain travel insurance ahead of your trip, it is required to join and to be safe when traveling it is best to have.

Most destinations do not require travel visa, but please check with your particular country. 

Always bring a YOGA MAT and a fresh new JOURNAL and pen.*** If you like bring your computer too, but even if you do…don’t forget your journal please, you will come to cherish it!

What is the dress code for regular days?

We suggest whatever you feel comfortable in: yoga pants, shorts, casual dresses, t-shirts and tanks, bathing suits, sarongs, whatever makes you feel YOU. 

All 3 locations are in seasons that are hot and beautiful so pack light, but as always, we suggest bringing a warm sweater and light jacket.