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I’m Jonathan Founder of Unleash your Rockstar . I create impactful epic personal brands for celebrities, rockstars, and companies. Although daily I do this for others I became stuck in my own personal journey 5 years ago.
I said YES though to Kristins Bali Magic Mastermind and that forever changed the direction and path of my life. I now facilitate co- moderate and speak at multiple events worldwide alongside Kristin

Jonathan George

Personal Branding Agency
Unleash Your Rockstar, CEO
LA, California

I am extremely grateful for having been a participant in Kristin Balter’s Magic Mastermind Series.
This was a 360 º total immersion experience in Bali; where my transformation was profound. I let go of limiting patterns that were keeping me small and began living my highest purpose and dharma. Kristin is full of integrity and a big, powerful, fund of knowledge and I received so many tools I needed to fully transform my life.

Dr. Marie Mbouni

MD & Shaman

Kristin is the queen of magic. She ‘sees’ who you are and what you need and speaks to the highest part of you, so that you can be the highest version of yourself. Kristin is one of those people with an innate ability to really get who you are at your core, and will stop at nothing to see you shine. She provides empathy when needed, and will be the first to cheer you on as you grow and evolve in this journey we call life.

Rochelle Claire

Byron Bay, Australia
City Planner/ Law Student

I met Kristin at a large conference in Mexico in 2016 and wasn’t expecting how circular the magic would be. I found myself very shortly after in Bali on her stage and also learning her incredible magic system for growth, learning and expanding in all areas of my life; mind, body and soul. I am to this day still implementing the tools I got from her event in Bali to my business and brand. Simply magical

Raquell Menezes

Spiritual Teacher &
International Speaker

“In 2018 I went on a world trip and met many wonderful people, but the encounter and working with Kristin at her retreat changed me forever.
She has so much wisdom, beauty and grace behind her course set-up. She creates an amazing atmosphere and space of love and understanding so we can really grow into our fullest potential.

Saida Falkou

Frankfurt, Germany
Senior Business Dev, MBA

I feel deeply thankful to Kristin Balter for this transformation in my daily life.

The process allowed me to release so much self judgment and step into a place of power and LIGHT. I now fully embody my own brand BE the LIGHT 💡


Irina Zadek

Be the Light. Worldwide Photographer

When you open yourself up to change, magic happens. That’s what happens at Kristin Balter’s Soul Tribe Camp! My first experience with STC was in Bali. I left the US, searching. When I got to Bali, I met my tribe…and came back to myself. Kristin attracts people who are brave enough to face their fears, their pasts, and their futures. She believes in their greatness and refuses to let them play small.

Dr. Joni Osborn
DACM, LAc, Dipl OM

Desert Rose Life
Tranformational Coach, Acupunturist,
Certified Hypnotherapist

I met Kristin in Bali in 2018. Prior to attending the retreat, I had little knowledge of the power of manifestation and the benefit it could bring to my business Yellowpanda. Kristin is living proof that if you can dream it, you can do it and I will be forever grateful for her for introducing me to this world! My business and my journey as an entrepreneur would never be as successful as it has been without her teachings.

Amanda Williams

Yellow Panda PR

Most amazing experience teaching online with Soultribecamp and connecting with so many teachers and students around the world during this challenging time was a life safer!

I would say meeting Kristin really deepened the connection to my heart.



Tiana YOGA Nosara
Costa Rica

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