A Mastermind Retreat: 8 Things To Expect

A Retreat Attendees Experience...

So, what is a SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreat exactly? I get this question a lot these days, having just returned home from the latest mastermind retreat at the Casale del Gallo, a stunning property, part of vineyard estate, located in the countryside just outside Rome. That's in Italy. To be honest, it’s been a struggle to describe the experience, it's not that easy to explain. Where to begin…

It's About Growth Mindset

Okay, a SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreat is probably best described as a luxury retreat for heart-centered, high-performance entrepreneur types with growth mindsets, looking to up-level their personal and business lives. To get unstuck. To manifest their goals. And of course, to have fun!

You will meet and connect with a small group of like-minded, high vibe individuals in casual, yet breathtaking surroundings to focus on their mind, body, and soul. But at the end of the day still, indulge in a glass of wine (or six) guilt-free, and share organic gourmet, home-cooked meals prepared by an incredibly talented chef.

It's a transformation retreat. It’s a personal development retreat and a professional development retreat. It’s like a mastermind group with life coaches and business coaches for a week of learning and self-discovery, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

Being mindful and traveling go hand-in-hand, but this retreat in Italy was a next-level mindful travel experience. All SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreats are set in stunning locations you simply won’t find as a typical tourist at a resort.

At it’s core, it’s a spiritual retreat with daily meditation, yoga, and mindfulness exercises, acupuncture, surf and energy healing with a Reiki Master.

A SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreat is all of the above and more.

Solo Travel for Self Discovery

I love to travel alone. Traveling solo itself can be an exercise in self-discovery. You can do what you want when you want without the need to consider anyone else in your plans. You can be impulsive. You can change your mind, and then change it again. You can challenge yourself. You really need to up your self talk game and reconnect with yourself. This is where my freedom begins. When I travel by myself I'm forced to talk to, and connect with strangers where I normally might not, and that's often where the magic happens. My retreat experience started with traveling alone. It doesn’t have to for you, some guests came in pairs, but mine started as a personal adventure.

SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreat locations are carefully selected in culturally rich, global destinations in settings that offer breath-taking scenery and tranquility. Places where you can easily escape your daily life, reconnect with yourself and work at creating a more successful you, all by design. Nothing short of a life-changing travel experience.

Find Your Purpose

It is a journey of self-discovery, of personal growth, exploring your strengths, clearing emotional blocks, shifting mindsets, and expanding your consciousness. For me, it was nothing short of a life-changing personal transformation. It’s a journey, it always has been. There is no actual destination, only continual, purpose-driven growth.

Mind-Body-Soul Work

So, what’s a typical day like? Well, each day began with (optional) guided meditation and yoga with our amazing instructor. My first yoga class ever. I know, where have I been? Yoga is now a part of my life and I’ll be forever grateful to Jess for helping to guide my first steps.

Breakfast freshly prepared by our own chef, the incredibly talented Chef Rodelio Aglibot. Food is such a huge part of our lives and also of this retreat. All week, every day, every meal prepared with so much love, with fresh local indigenous ingredients... I have so many unforgettable memories of the meals we shared here. Chef Rodelio always thoughtful of the attendees, always vegetarian options, usually a fish option, always ridiculously delicious. 

Spiritual Awareness

Then there's the Eastern-inspired wellness therapy! My Reiki session was another first for me, and it was epic. I had no idea what to expect, so I surrendered to whatever might come. Spiritual guru and Reiki Master Priya Lakhi started me on my journey of reawakening. What an incredibly gifted energy healer and such a beautiful soul, I can’t imagine the week without her ever-present calming energy.

Personal & Professional Development

After the morning rituals, we start with the day's informal lectures, seminars, and workshops led by the captivating mastermind retreat facilitator, our mentor, Kristin Balter. Mindset coaching to help remove mental and emotional blocks, to uncover our true purpose in this life, to create more abundance, to create the magic that will ultimately change the world.

Business coaching to create and define your personal brand and to effectively share your message with the world through social media marketing. Hardcore professional development tools for entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, and digital nomads alike designed for manifesting wealth with social balance. 

Work Hard, Play Hard

The evenings are a time to relax, recharge, and connect with my new tribe. Themed dinner parties one night, al-fresco dining under the Italian night sky another, then into Rome to experience the incredible restaurants and the food scene in the city of love. Every night at the mastermind retreat was filled with great food, so much laughter, deep conversations, and even some dancing! 

A Retreat Designed For Transformation

It was indeed life-changing, and deeply transformative. My mind and body rejuvenated. My path to inner peace and happiness restored. New relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. Practical knowledge and tools that I can apply to my business immediately and solid strategies moving forward that will benefit both my employees, my clients, and my family for years to come. 

A SoulTribe Camp Mastermind Retreat is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s calling you, and you’re thinking about applying to join the next one, do it. It’s an investment in yourself that you will never regret. It really is an intimate restorative experience that is difficult to describe with any accuracy. I've done my best. Hope you get the idea. I simply can’t wait to attend my next mastermind retreat!