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There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand in all the beaches on earth. Scientists estimate the probability of your  being born at about one in 400 trillion. We think of brands as STARS. A new one is born every day. Let’s make yours SHINE BRIGHTEST !

About Us

Soul Tribe Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. We bring conscious brands to light by creating custom designs with the most advanced SEO- based responsive websites. We offer cutting edge and dynamic multi system media reach, for optimal conversion and targeted solutions. Lets break down your brand, so we can reverse engineer and really dharma hear the essence, truth and core values of your brand. We then brand hack the message and get crystal clear on how those values align your design, message and marketing delivery.

We Are Digital

At Soul Tribe Camp, we listen, number one and then we take aligned action to understanding how to best serve your audience. We believe in bite sized palatable chunks, delivered digestibly and regularly via all media channels and within all online platforms, spaces, channels, funnels, socials and opportunities. This is spearheaded by optimal SEO for maximized expansion, market impact and optimized revenue.
Start with a basic website …or ride the rocket to the further STAR with us…it may just be a bit closer than you think !

Our Services

Website Development

Get instant access to a team of visual designers and web developers with the skills to create anything your website needs.

SEO Optimization

SEO is a complicated, multi-disciplinary marketing activity. That’s why we put together a complete team of experts with specialized skills

The MagiK of You™

SEO is a complicated, multi-disciplinary marketing activity. That’s why we put together a complete team of experts with specialized skills

Website Design & Development

Your Personal Web Tribe

Get instant access to our core tribe of dedicated visual designers and web developers who are the MagiK experts in all areas necessary to launch!


Great for smaller or newer websites. A gorgeous custom homepage and an SEO-friendly blog.



Perfect for bigger websites requiring more subpages or more content and custom functionality.



Ideal for content-heavy websites with lots of subpages, products, and more complex requirements


Features Included in EVERY Plan

We set your website up with our best platform and services to give your business a solid foundation.


We start with a clear call and some simple forms to begin to execute your dream website ! The initial set up and calls will allow us to create a clear vision and path to launch your new website !

*** If you are signed up from THE MAGIK OF YOU PROGRAM TM ( with Kristin ) this initial set up is even deeper and will be emailed at discussed with you at length.


We have a team of SEO-friendly blog specialists to help you with content creations with search functionality so you can create content and help your site rank high on search engines like Google. Depending on your package, of course determines the amount of time spent by our blog specialists and even the most basic package includes making sure key words are searched and optimized so you are most effective in your messaging to your audience, as well as ranking.

Project Manager

Once the plan and website is ready to launch you will be assigned a dedicated manager and point of contact tooversee your website project and coordinate back regularly with the web team both the needs and the growth of your website.

Multiple Revisions

Get your designs right where you want them with two rounds of design revisions and two rounds of code revisions for every page.

Sub Pages

All sub pages and simple pages
e.g. Testimonials, Press, FAQ, and Contact Us are also customized to match your unique brand and style,


We code your site to be SEO-friendly so you can easily optimize for search engines and create new, strategic content in the future.

Branding Board

We gather all of your existing information, former websites and links along with logo and key branding materials into a simple, one-page reference sheet to ensure your website design is clear to you and us as we align to the new, impact driven vision.

***IF you are also doing THE MAGIC OF YOU TM program then this means a constant reference to this dynamic vision board and program for optimal growth and expansion of the brand.

Mobile Responsive

All custom website designs are built to render properly on any device, whether it be a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Custom Home Page

At Soul Tribe Digital we don’t use stock templates for deign. Remember we are looking at YOU and your brand always as The STAR and that brightest light out there within the worldwide galaxy. Your unique homepage is where we embody the very essence and core of your brands message and will be the foundation of your vision brought to life.

Search Engine Optimization

This personalized TRIBE for YOU does only that, YOU.

(Your Optimization Uniquely)

SEO is a complicated, technical and, when done well and correctly , IS the technical magical machine behind your success. We have put together the most comprehensive, elite and dedicated tribe and team to YOUR vision and the technology backing your STAR brand. Their combined specialized skills ensure your website ranks higher on all search engines.


Great for newer or smaller companies just beginning to implement an SEO strategy for the first time.



Perfect for businesses aiming for more serious growth. Additional keyword and content optimizations across a broader market.



For aggressive businesses seeking to improve search engine rankings in an extensive range of keywords across the world.


Features Included in EVERY Plan

Every SEO plan includes everything you need to see ranking improvements in search engines like Google.

Strategy "Sesh"

Two 30-minute calls every month with your SEO project manager/strategist to review website progress and optimize your SEO marketing strategy consistently and continually.

Market Targeting

Focused your keyword strategy and plan geared specifically to your target location, audience and market.

Page Optimization

Website is regularly reviewed and where appropriate, content and keywords are added, to help improve relevancy with search engines.

Keyword Optimization

Continuous evaluation of targeted keywords. Our efforts are focused on efficiency and effectiveness, and consistently adjusted and optimized to your audience.

Custom Content Creation

To improve relevancy, every month we create new and completely original blog post articles for your website of 411+ words.

Snippets & Google Schema

We optimize how your website appears in search engines ( such as google). These frames are called a “snippets” in the universe of the worldwide web and done effectively they maximize the chance that potential visitors see and click on your website.

Monthly Report

Consistent monthly reports on where and how your site is ranking on Google. Track your progress and use the data to adjust co create in the growth of your strategy over time.

Broken Link Repair

We identify and fix any broken links that appear on your website to ensure search engines don’t inadvertently view your website as broken or dangerous.

Image Alt Tags

Image Alt Tags are also reviewed regularly, to ensure they are not broken, in order to optimize correctly and effectively; improve your website’s accessibility scores and keyword relevancy.

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Digital Agency

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