I believe that everything is about vibrational frequency and this time in history is the most important time in history to focus on raising the frequency on this planet. That tipping point requires that only 20 percent of us step into our most align selves to co create this shift. 

Together, in incredible masterminds retreats around the globe and online we guide you to align and unlock the keys to your core values, identity (X) and the make up, science or physical You to the the truth of you, your essence, dharma, and the very SOUL of your purpose(Y) . 

This emboldened link of X + Y is the creative, dynamic, fully expressed, abundance of YOU.

The full alignment of YOU allows for a deep coalescing and synchronic, co creating with the universe. This enables you to quite literally, step into the scientifically proven theta state of “living the dream” and abundantly create magik ( with a K – alchemy ) in ALL areas of your life; mind, body, soul and business.

And so, in conclusion, and yet only the beginning we find   

The X +Y = The MagiK of YOU™)

In every venture, joint venture or group I facilitate and company I run, I treat each person as a unique soul on a mission and with the truth that YOU are a star. 

Together, as two is always more powerful than one, let’s bring you and your personal brand to light and shine like that Star that YOU are and have always been!

I want to tell you, I wasn’t always so emboldened and in fact during what anyone would call a successful design career, I slowly felt depression sinking in from a life unfulfilled and then quite suddenly it hit me and I began to sink. Days turned to weeks and then months and I thought, of no, here it is the dreaded midlife crisis. Determined not to go through what I saw literally crush so many I decided to turn my mid life crisis into what I now call my Midlife Awakening…..

And that’s what I call the MagiK in the YES!
Saying YES is a gift we give so many others, but rarely afford ourselves.

Well I did it. I said YES and I never looked back. I trusted my intuition with a fervor, with so much passion that the universe literally had nothing else to do but say OKAY Kristin , lets play !!

Fast Forward and Soul Tribe Camp was born.  A conscious global community of people from around the world joining HERE, to share, communicate, cross pollinate and co create. In this space you will find opportunities to donate, facilitate and co-create with so many incredible and heart centered humans.  At Soul Tribe Camp we believe in TRIBE FOR ALL, and lead with the firm belief that the Teacher is Always the Student, eternally.  And so, we usually find our facilitators as the same humans who join retreats  (Advancements) and online masterminds. Join the Tribe, its free, its fun and we really do get a lot of shit DUN!


Nothing lights me up more now, than to bring someones brand to LIGHT! There are so many personal branding agencies that, lets be honest, just don't care about YOU.

As CEO of Life X Design  and Head Magik Maker at Soul Tribe Camp working with a client on brand and brand strategy is the ultimate use of my Intuitive Coaching. It requires that listening be at the forefront and magik be the outcome, so that YOU shine like the light that YOU were born to be.  It means going deep into what lights you up and what you really, truthfully want to spend every damn day of YOUR life doing and shining and loving! It means personal brand hacking to find WHAT that is to reverse engineer and ‘dharma hear” YOUR brands essence and bring it to LIFE.

If you are a COACH we offer a Coach the Coach Program only to the INTUITIVE. Our unique design of energetics and multi methodologies require empathy, deepened spiritual intuition to be able to understand and incorporate the human design, astrology, gateway keys, sacred geometry, chakras, intuitive signs, numerology and the shiva of the souls breath that embody and require fully expressed guidance in the X + Y = The MagiK of YOU™  

Welcome to a global team, tribe and community that builds daily, one soul at a time.

Co-create, communicate, collaborate, cross-pollinate with us.
Together, more than ever we are the change and the tipping point to global awakened consciousness is NOW and it requires the magiK of fully expressed YOU!
With much LOVE,

Kristin Balter

Let's do

Digital Agency

for Conscious Businesses

YES! I am ready 100%

The Magik of you