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This event is live + interactive . Join the series of 11 . Sign up ahead to SAVE YOUR SPOT. 2 Hours, $22 

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Embracing, Empowering and Emboldening your ClearSenses to boldly express the MAGIK OF YOU™,  Only 11 spaces

The MagiK of You™ , is a curated mastermind program.

It is run by the Founder, Kristin Balter only 3 times a year in person and to applicants in online zoom retreat format. Both are by referral and application only. The course is the same for both, simply the price changes according to what is necessary to run a full retreat.

We would love to welcome all, however are very intentional in the numbers we can effectively serve in The Magik Of YOU™ program at this time. To apply, we follow the famous Rumi quote, “what you seek , also seeks you” And so we ask only those truly ready to do the self “work” and take their mind, body and SOULS work to the next level to apply. This mastermind experience is a journey and it is interactive so participants and “players” must be ready to really jump in and dive deep, together.

Should you have the intention linking mind, body soul and spirit this year. Connecting heart map to the brains map and perhaps launch or take your existing business to the next level, but don’t know if you aren’t quite ready or feeling stuck and scared to take the leap? We suggest you start with the basics and an interactive Friday night or Saturday am with us and join a DROP IN “The MagiK of You™ :11 Weeks to Take Off” prior to The Magik of You Mastermind Series.

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