Base Camp

2021 I do have a plan and even for these last moments of 2020..

More understanding , more awakening, more communication and compassion. More connection more collaboration ,more intention, more intuition.

💫. More speaking our truth and more living it.
More seeking our light and sharing that light , as our commitment to the collaboration of this universal collective.

🙏. More seeking and sharing vibrational frequencies only in the vibe of love and the light of it meaning – not dropping into fear vibration ( anger hate fear or scarcity all the things ) @mariannewilliamson .

💫. More seeing that each and every pain and crack was here to let more light shine through . More learning on HOW to change your brain – mindset , cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation. More sharing awareness in whatever platform and chance you have in human connection.

💫. Wake up happy , simply as you are alive @sadguru_quotes

🧘‍♀️. Less saying “those people need to” and more start saying “ I need to “. I-empowerment, self actualization, reflection without ruminating .

🧠. Read more .Leas socials ( let’s see how this one optimizes lol )

📚. Read ATTACHED if you haven’t . Game changer for all of our relationships from love to family .

❤️ . Love without ever abandoning your own truth and all the “work” you have done.

💫. Recognize that magic and God and the universe and science and quantum physics and enlightenment and all possibilities exists ALWAYS. So be careful what you choose believe as

I am You are We are ALL

Powerful Manifestor’s.
And so in 2021 may love and light and POSITIVE powerful collective conscious 100 monkeys tipping point light be the agreement of us all.

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