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This photo was taken in Bali a few years back at one of my first mastermind retreats.

Since then I’ve run multiple retreats in Bali, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica to name a few.
It wasn’t but just the years before that I had continued a 13 year career that had me burnt out, unhappy and struggling to find my purpose and what I was even doing in life .
Some call that mid life crisis.
I call it mid life awakening.
Awakening and actually listening to the call for my soul having a bigger purpose and plan for my life was the best thing I ever did.
I now get to live my life to the fullest, travel the world and most importantly , help to guide and facilitate others to do the same.
Magic is always available to us when we tap into it. There is a huge community of like minded humans walking the path to their own awakening …
Come and meet them, join them, up-level and learn from them in a Mastermind Retreat like no other ✨✨✨

Join us and let’s make some magic together ✨✨💫💫🌈.

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